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Shute's WorkShed
"Hey! I'm Shute, Special SDG member and Gundam specialist.
love to build and fix things like Robots and Gadgets.
I'm here to hang and have fun!

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Current Status: S.D.G. Blanc Base, working on the wounded bots.

M!A Status: None

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Shute cautiously walked out of the house, struggling to lock the door with his key. Colorfully wrapped boxes were stacked in his arms, making it difficult to see in front of him, or over them.Two boxes fell, but he did not gasp, already knowing they were nothing delicate and the snow wouldn’t ruin it since his porch was dry. With those out of the way Shute could finally lock the door, but now picking them back up would be a problem.


Captain Gunner Form by blazeraptor

Finally got the original textures and finished rigging this model!

This is my favorite form of Captain from the game and the first one I beat De’scar Road with. I thought it to be the best one to deal with that area until I took an A-Rank normal Captain. I was just looking for one last enemy so I didn’t bring any items ‘cause I didn’t want to waste them. I didn’t find it but I ended up beating Kuchi Kuchi anyway (a couple times). That’s better than I’ve done with my S-Rank Gunner Captain! I still love it, though


nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete

si se puede…

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(( *looks overl ast few posts* Hahaha, wow, what was I doing again? Oh well, lets try to keep up.))

I suddenly feel so old?





i’m listening to hardcore gangsta rap to try to find Shute’s theme song




For the 10th anniversary of SD Gundam Force in the USA, my contribution.

ONESHOT: Ten years has passed, and it still isn’t over.

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The best aspects usually eclipse the worst, trust me.

(I’m just gonna publish my next few asks in the sdgf tag, and click images for captions!)


I never thought I’d find Zero…Adorable?

betterbemeta sent:

Hi, Shute! What sort of cool invention are you working on at the moment? >_>

WELL! Recently I’ve bee-


Wait a moment…..What’s with those shifty eyes?